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When youโ€™re moving from one place to another, packing your items become kind of a huge deal. Not just that you need all items in your bag or in a number of boxes, you also need them all packed to withstand any bumps on the road or a quick throw or slide on the floor. That holds true whether youโ€™re moving a house, an office or a factory. The bigger your move, the larger the number of items to be packed and subsequently the bigger the responsibility of ensuring that all of your good remain safe and secure throughout the move.

As your trusted mover,ย AB Moverย ensured that. We understand that a move involves packing all types and sizes of items. With years of offering moving services locally and internationally, our team members are more than trained to move heavy duty equipment, fragile items and anything in between. Using the right packing material we ensure that none of your items get cracked or damaged in any stage of the move. Depending on the item, we use blankets, shock resistant protective sheets, paddings and other necessary stuff to pack all sorts of items. Whatever we use can withstand any type of weather conditions.

Our packing service covers local and international moves, home, office or factory relocation plus bulk disposals and a lot more.

The levels of packing services available:

Pre-packingย โ€” all of most of the challenging to pack items packed days or several hours ahead of time either to be moved to a storage facility or to be transported by air, sea or road. Particularly suitable for heavy duty items like aircrafts, vehicles, industrial equipment or the like.

Unpackingย โ€” assisting you to unpack each item upon reaching the destination. Best suited if you are likely to arrive early morning or late night. We help you unpack for home, office, factory etc.

Partial packingย โ€” We do it together with you. Meaning by you pack a few items and leave the rest to us. Obviously, it happens according to your requirements. Ideal option if youโ€™re short on time and want to pack everything as quickly as possible.

That said, no matter what option you choose, we are there for you.

Call usย today for a smooth and hassle free moving and packing experience.

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